Episode #8

Wednesday 20th may 2020

Siim Land - Metabolic Myths

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Ever wondered what the truth actually is about your metabolism? Is fasting good or bad? Does fasting cause weight loss or muscle depletion?


You are about to find out

In this episode we talk to Siim Land who is an author, speaker, content creator & biohacker and is best known for topics such as intermittent fasting, circadian rhythms and autophagy


Despite his young age, Siim is considered one of THE leading experts in the field of health optimization, performance, and longevity.


We pick the brains of this young researcher who is wise beyond his years, and discuss:


  • Growing up on an isolated island

  • Studying anthropology in college

  • What he learnt in the military

  • Why stress adaptation is required for a healthy life

  • What is biohacking

  • Writing a book to set the autophagy & fasting message straight

  • Why we should apply context to fasting

  • How a certain hormone is causing weight gain and weight loss stalls

  • Why frequent eating is bad for your health

  • How autophagy is tied to circadian rhythms and sleep


And so much more 


You will learn so much from this episode, so get ready to be blown away

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