Episode #4

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Pete Evans - Why Stereotypes Are Bad Even When They Are 'Good' 

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In this episode we open up our home to talk to the man himself, Pete Evans


Pete is an internationally renowned chef, restrauntaeur, entrepreneur, key note speaker, best-selling author, television presenter and so much more


Pete is best known for being one of the judges on the competitive cooking show My Kitchen Rules and with around 25 books to his name over the last 13 years, Pete is one of Australia’s most published contemporary Australian chefs.


With his passion for food and a healthy lifestyle Pete has inspired hundreds of thousands of individuals and families around the world live a happier healthier life.




In this deeply heartfelt conversation sat on our living room floor, we discuss:


  • Life growing up and feeling like he didn’t have a voice

  • Unravelling the belief systems that he and society set

  • How he came to be a celebrity chef

  • Why he does what he does and who he dos this for

  • What he is most misunderstood for

  • What he has recently changed his views on

  • Media perceptions and how to handle being stereotyped

  • Why perceived ‘good’ stereotypes are not always positive

  • Spirituality and the journey of discovery

  • What your views and opinions uncover about you

  • The concept of gurus and is this a good thing? 

  • His upcoming work


And heaps heaps more



You are honestly going to LOVE this episode. Pete truly opens up his heart in this touching and moving episode that will guarantee to have you regarding Pete as a genuine and humble human being


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