Episode #21

Wednesday 19th August 2020
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This week we introduce you to the very innovative Michael Trainer, a force when it comes to building movements for social impact . 


Michael is the Creator of Peak Mind and host of the Peak Mind Podcast. This social action platform has him partnering with some of the most notable thought leaders of our time to help communities around the world reach their highest potential . 


Tapping into the experience economy he co-created Global Citizen - A music festival and movement dedicated to ending poverty. With musical performances by artists including Beyonce, Jay-z, Stevie Wonder, Neil Young and many others the festival has leveraged the voices of millions of global citizens to raise billions of dollars for programs serving the world's poorest people . 


In this episode we discuss;

  1. His daily routine that sets him up for success . 

  2. The journey of co-creating Global Citizen and founding Peak Kind . 

  3. His drive for social and personal change . 

  4. How his dad’s Alzheimers sparked the launch of Peak Mind . 

  5. Lessons learnt from hosting an event with the Dalai Lama . 

  6. Why mindset and mindful living are the cornerstones of Peak Mindand how these iompact our life . 

  7. How life changes when you master your mindset . 

  8. How to recognise when you aren’t in a positive or useful mindset .

  9. How to start thinking differently, change your mindset and optimise life .

  10. How to think big and expand your belief of what is possible .

  11. 3 habits to improve your life . 

And so so much more. So lets get stuck in . 


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