Episode #19

Wednesday 6th August 2020
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Hate your job? Dream of a life of happiness but just can’t reach it? Waiting for that opportunity to change your life? Well, this is it. Today’s guest Lauren of @lifeabovezero ditched the rat race, chased the sun and build a life of love



Lauren is a Life and Mindset Coach, Author, Blogger, Speaker and Mentor for thousands of women around the world who want to create a ‘Life Above Zero’. 


Lauren’s passion for helping women make mindset manageable, health holistic and life liberating has inspired one of the most impressive global movements around the world being ‘Babes in Business’ and the podcast ‘Babes Talking Business’ where she empowers and mentors women who want to create a different future for themselves and their families 


In this episode we discuss:


  • What Life Above Zero means

  • How Lauren ditched the rat race to chase the sun

  • Why so many people hare their jobs

  • How to shift your mindset to love life and work again

  • Why is it so hard to be happy?

  • How to bring more happiness into our life

  • Does money bring happiness?

  • How to find direction in life

  • How to overcome fear

  • Biggest life lessons Lauren has learnt

  • 3 habits to improve your life



This episode is guaranteed to lift your soul and have you energised and ready to build your dream life

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