Episode #20

Wednesday 12th August 2020
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They say bodybuilders were the first biohackers so today we chat to the best. Join us in discovering everything Kris Gethin, the world's most recognized transformation expert and Bodybuilding.com's no.1 most influential person! 


Kris's immensely impressive CV, being the CEO of KAGED MUSCLE supplements, CEO of Kris Gethin Gyms, celebrity trainer, contributor to many of the world's largest fitness magazines, best-selling author AND the host of Knowledge & Mileage Podcast. 


With over 150 MILLION users of his transformation programs and 20 years’ experience as a natural bodybuilder, nobody can dispute Kris' ability to help people transform their body no matter their circumstances. 


1. Where his fitness journey started and how he got to where he is today

2. How he ended up shooting training videos for Bodybuilding.com

3. Landing the role of Bodybuilding.com Editor in Chief


4. What made him get into endurance training and create man of iron training video series


5. Why he decided to open up his own gyms and why he chose India 


6. Where his supplement range KagedMuscle started and why


7. His not so successful moments in life


8. Uncovering his purpose in life


9. Discovering biohacking and why he is such an advocate


10. Kris’ top essential biohacks for optimal health

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