Episode #7

Wednesday 13th may 2020

FitFam - How To Leverage Social Media To Grow An Online Empire

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In this episode we catch up with our friends and BLUblox’s very first models Chelle & Brendan McCormack of Perth FitFam


Perth Fitfam is THE home for all that is happening in the fitness scene and a hugely popular community that has grown rapidly in recent years. 


With a loyal dedicated following, youtube channel, podcast, social media marketing courses, public speaking gigs and now a fitness focused dating app, Chelle and Brendon are the epitome of a goal driven couple. 



We pick this awesome duos brains on:


  • How Perth FitFam came to be

  • What it takes to grow a social community

  • How they organically scaled Fitfam

  • How a weekly social post became a concept for an app

  • Launching a dating app + funding with kickstarter

  • The Fitfam Findr customer discovery process

  • Quitting your day job and making the transition to being your own boss

  • Tips for taking that leap of faith

  • Pros and cons of working together as a married couple

  • Gifts to growing an entrepreneur mindset



And as if that wasn’t enough there are heaps more nuggets throughout this episode


So let’s get stuck in

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