Episode #9

Wednesday 27th may 2020

Craig Emmerich - Keto As A Cure

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The body will do miraculous things if given the right input. From healing injuries to curing many diseases and in this episode we learn exactly how with our guest @craig_emmerich


Craig hosts the website keto-adapted.com and is the author of many books including: "Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on The Ketogenic Diet." Which includes easy to digest science and no-cook meal plans written with his wife Maria Emmerich.


In this open and honest conversation we learn more about Craig including:


  • The decision to home school his sons

  • Why so many engineers do well in nutrition

  • How he came to discover keto

  • Keto lessons learnt and mistakes to avoid

  • Perseverance: Losing his job twice & overcoming the fall through of their adoption case

  • Joining his wife’s flourishing business 

  • Becoming a published author and his series of books

  • Helping people overcome their health issues including inoperable brain tumours shrinking in just a few months & Craig shares so many more amazing success stories through his work


I personally loved this episode and the vulnerability Craig shared with us. That takes a lot and we know you will feel it too. 


So let’s take you through it

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