Episode #3

Wednesday 15th April 2020

Vanessa Spina - Behind Ketogenic Girl

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In this episode we talk to Vanessa Spina who is a sport nutrition specialist, biomedical scientist & the best selling author of Keto Essentials. She is an international speaker, host of the popular Fast Keto Podcast and founder of Ketogenic Girl with online audience of over half a million.


We delve deep behind the woman that is Ketogenic girl and discuss:


  • Her very unique life growing up 

  • Vanessa’s lust for travel and her amazing travel stories

  • Her energetic pull to relocate to Prague

  • The challenges relocating brings and how to overcome 

  • Upping roots and becoming a digital nomad

  • Discovering keto and how gluten intolerance started this whole journey

  • How posting recipes on IG quickly became a business

  • Discovering the carnivore lifestyle and levelling up

  • The bad recommendations she hears in her area of expertise

  • Her no 1 tip for finding what works for you


And so much more


If you are a current fan on Vanessa’s you are going to love learning more about who this amazing woman behind the huge brand is. 


And if you are just discovering Vanessa, we know you are going to love her.


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