Episode #10

Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Ali Levine - How To Be Body Confident & Have A Positive Self-Image

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Hands up if you have every struggled with body confidence? Keep your hand up if social media at some point or other has made you view yourself negatively


If your hand is up, this episode is for you

We chat to celebrity stylist, TV personality and fashion expert Ali Levine


Ali’s work can be seen on In Time with Justin Timberlake, Kanye West’s World Throne Tour, X-Men First Class, New Girl, and much more


Currently residing in LA with her family, whenever Ali is not working, she continues to exercise her devotion to her field by scouring the hottest trends all over LA and New York


She has been dubbed the new “IT” girl in the celebrity styling world


Today we discuss all things self-image including: 


  • How she became a celebrity stylist

  • The journey that led her to where she is today, including her Devil Wears Prada moment. 

  • Changing direction & starting over in your career 

  • Interning with the Kardashian’s stylist

  • Her “I MADE IT” moment and how that felt

  • How important self-image is and how to navigate this positively

  • Rejecting perfection and embracing the truth

  • Postpartum depression and the struggle with social media

  • Why having a personal brand matters

  • Being your true authentic self & showing up as you 

  • Tips for anyone struggling with body confidence and a positive self-view


This is a real self-love episode so tune it, enjoy and let us know what you take away

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