Episode #14

Wednesday 1ST jULY 2020

Carl Lanore - Finding Your Own Voice in 2020

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Today we welcome Carl Lanore to the show. 


Carl is the host of Super Human Radio, a podcast designed to help you live stronger and live longer. 


His podcast is the longest running health, fitness an anti-aging podcast in the world and Carl has come to be one of the leading figures in his space.


Now we flip things around, place Carl in the hotseat and chat about: 


  • How his training changes with the season

  • Growing up in the same small area as JZ and Mike Tyson

  • How his life changed when he moved to Las Vegas

  • His close relationship with Frank Sinatra’s personal valet 

  • How Vegas was run by the mob when he was there

  • Ballooning to 330lbs and his health scares

  • The start of Super Human Radio

  • How his change in mindset cost him his marriage 

  • The big diet debate and why the gurus are wrong

  • How Shawn Baker’s Carnivore experiment yielded unfavourable results for some 

  • Why genetic testing is needed for optimal health

  • His influence in Quest Nutrition’s growth



This is a good one – so Let us know what you think


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