Episode #6

Wednesday 6th may 2020

Boomer Anderson - Bouncing Back From Burnout

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In this episode, we welcome Boomer Anderson onto the show. 


Boomer is an Entrepreneur, Health and Lifestyle Specialist & Founder and Director of Decoding Superhuman, a health consultancy dedicated to working with high performing professionals to battle issues like stress, sleep, burnout, and balance


Being fed up with broad health generalizations, Boomer developed the Decoding Superhuman methodology to provide an individualized approach to performance backed by science and data.


He also hosts the podcast Decoding Superhuman sharing his wealth of knowledge with you. 


In this jam packed episode we unearth a whole heap of information from Boomer’s life, including:


  • The decision that led him to become a jet setter in his 20’s travelling to over 50 countries and living the high life

  • What his time as a high-profile investment banker taught him

  • The health consequences of living it up 

  • Weight gain, disrupted circadian rhythm and poor diet

  • Finding fitness and becoming addicted, doing 10-12 CrossFit sessions a week

  • How not to recover from activity – drinking, partying and limited sleep

  • Routine annual check-up unearths heart condition at 30

  • Changing directions and starting his own company

  • Moving to Amsterdam + pursuing his passion

  • Quantified self & using data for self-optimisation

  • Top 3 tips for anyone starting out biohacking

  • His biggest business failure and what that taught him

  • His focus on community and upcoming launch of exclusive entrepreneur health optimisation community for the time poor 


Wow, we cover so much in this episode. So let’s go take a listen

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