Episode #22

Wednesday 26th August 2020
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Ashleigh VanHouten is host of Paleo Magazine Radio podcast, writer for Paleo magazine, and a Primal Health Coach


Better known for her IG persona @themusclemaven, Ashleigh is a Primal Blueprint Certified Expert with CrossFit Strongman and Olympic Lifting certifications. 


Ashleigh is also a nationally qualified natural figure competitor. 


In this episode, we discuss:



  1. Where her Health and Fitness journey started?


 2.  The launch of her new cookbook and what to expect


 3.  What  a primally-aligned lifestyle is and why she became interested in


 4.  What impact does ‘primal lifestyle’ have?


 5.  Her top tips for someone wanting to change their habits to improve their life?


 6.  Who is someone that really inspired her? 


 7.  Her experience with body building shows and what has it been like for her to compete vs coach?


 9.  The hardest lesson she has ever learnt

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