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A BLUblox Podcast

A b o. u t  U s //

Welcome to That's So Yesterday, a life optimisation podcast brought to you by husband and wife entrepreneurs and BLUblox Founders Andy & Katie Mant​.

We are super passionate about making the absolute best out of life and after emigrating to Australia back in 2010, radically transforming our health, weight and mindset, founding our own multi-million dollar global business BLUblox and then quitting our day jobs in 2019 we are now living our happiest, healthiest, wealthiest life - and we are here to tell you how you can too

In this series we talk to some amazing people about how they optimised their life - from mindset, to health and wellbeing, to business and everything else in between.

We delve deep to uncover the secrets to their success, and how they undertook a life 180.

So what ever wrong decision you made, what ever wrong turning you took, thats all in the past.



Your best self starts right here!


E p i. s o d e s //

Wednesday 25th March 2019

A quick teaser of what's to come

Meet your hosts and get a sneak preview of what to expect on our highly anticipated self optimisation podcast right here, right now.  


Wednesday 25th March 2019

Cardio with Christina

9:00 am

January 14, 2017

Boxing with Jasmine

9:30 am

January 14, 2017

Weight Lifting with Iron

10:00 am

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Episode #10 Ali Levine - How To Be Body Confident & Have A Positive Self-Image 

TSY Podcast Guest Thumbnails-2.png

Episode #7 - How To Leverage Social Media To Grow An Online Empire

TSY Podcast Guest Thumbnails-2.png

Episode #4 - Why Stereotypes Are Bad Even When They Are 'Good'

1. Melissa Ambrosini IG Tile (blank).png

Episode #1 Melissa Ambrosini -

Life Tips From A Self-Help Guru

TSY Podcast Guest Thumbnails-2.png

Episode #5 - Taking Control Of Your Health, Life & Mindset


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That's So Yesterday // A BLUblox Podcast